Enable self-serve diagnosis capabilities for POS sign-in


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users, automatically Sep 2, 2022 Nov 4, 2022

Business value

The entry point for using Dynamics 365 Commerce point of sale (POS) is the sign-in experience, a critical point that can impact the overall POS user experience and customer satisfaction. Our analysis shows that a large percentage of POS sign-in failures or issues are caused by incorrect configuration in Commerce headquarters or missing data in Commerce channel databases. Ideally, customers can troubleshoot and resolve these issues without engaging support.

Feature details

This feature provides self-serve diagnosis capabilities in POS and Commerce headquarters to help store employees and managers quickly identify and fix the root causes of POS sign-in issues.

  • The failure messages shown on the POS sign-in screen were improved to provide concrete root-cause information that can help store employees who use POS to understand what went wrong so they can take action to solve the problem.
  • Test logon function is available on the Workers form in Commerce headquarters so that store managers who set up POS devices can simulate POS sign-in. In case of a sign-in failure, this function provides actionable troubleshooting guides so managers can check relevant configurations, correct issues, and validate the fixes.

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