Phase three – Drive value

Full-scale deployment and business success depend on usage and satisfaction. This requires planning through the Envision and Onboard phases plus ongoing operational excellence in the Drive value phase.

The key steps in the Drive value phase are:

  • Monitor end-user adoption
  • Measure and report usage
  • Encourage ongoing engagement

Select this link to download a PDF version of the Dynamics 365 Adoption guide.

Track KPIs and end-user adoption

If your organization is not meeting its KPIs, explore whether there are issues around adoption. Satisfaction surveys can help you understand your users’ knowledge of and sentiment toward the new Dynamics 365 solution. The results can provide insights into the rollout and potential ideas about how to fine-tune your adoption plan:

  • Circulate a baseline survey to users before the new solution is rolled out, to gather insights about the existing processes.
  • Conduct a survey halfway through your launch to gather data about users’ experiences with the solution.
  • Create new awareness or training content to address any outstanding needs that arise.
  • After rollout, use a final survey to assess user satisfaction. You can release this survey 90 days after launch, and then in quarterly increments to help measure user adoption, satisfaction, and productivity.

Access reports and tracking tools

Dynamics 365 provides reports available to indicate your current user engagement levels for the different parts of the service. You can view Common Data Service analytics right from the Microsoft Power Platform admin center to quickly view adoption and user metrics for your organization.

Refer back to these reports to measure against your success criteria and identify areas for improvement. Continue to track KPIs using your customized scorecard in the Adoption Planning Workbook.

Customer Engagement sample metrics

Examples of measuring active users.

Encourage ongoing engagement

Increase adoption over time with ongoing activities:

  • Determine remaining Dynamics 365 capabilities to leverage.
    • Review Dynamics 365 release notes for new features.
    • Work with CSM on your heatmap for Dynamics 365 capabilities.
  • Join the D365UG User Group for Dynamics 365.
    • Independent member-driven education, networking, events.
    • Post questions, find answers, learn, connect with peers.
  • Learn how Power Apps can extend your Dynamics 365 solution.
    • Enables non-technical users to build custom extensions.
    • Drives more value and user engagement.
  • Create a Yammer group or Teams channel to continue conversations on best practices and new features.
  • Conduct a quarterly review of next projects involving Dynamics 365, incorporating new features delivered.
  • Share success stories showing how people are using Dynamics 365 in innovative and impactful ways.
  • Host additional engagement events like town hall meetings or lunch-and-learns to drive end-user engagement.
  • Set challenges and run competitions to celebrate how people best use Dynamics 365 to work differently.

Remember these proven strategies when driving deeper engagement:

  • Reward people for changing their work behaviors; cultural evolution is critical to adoption.
  • Define examples and patterns workers can relate to.
  • Provide training to help workers get the most value from the new tools.
  • Continue to find your champions—advocates for change within the business—including executives, managers, and admins.

Microsoft is here to support you

Bookmark these resources to continue driving end-user engagement throughout your adoption journey.

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