Marketing text suggestions with Copilot overview

This article gives an overview the AI-powered capability provided by Copilot in Business Central.

What is AI-powered item marketing text with Copilot

Copilot provides AI-powered writing assistance for Business Central users responsible for authoring marketing text (product descriptions) on items sold in online shops, like Shopify. With the click of a button, Copilot generates text that's engaging and creative, and that highlights key attributes of the specific item. With a bit of reviewing and editing, it's ready to publish.

Copilot uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to access language models that recognize, predict, and generate text that's based on trained datasets.

The video doesn't exactly reflect how the feature currently works or looks in the product. The feature has changed since the video was produced. But it gives you a general idea of the feature and what you can use it for.

Where it's used

Copilot is available on item cards in Business Central. In Business Central, items are like products in other applications and shops. Each item can be managed from a card where you enter details about the item, like its dimensions, cost, or picture. This card also includes a box for entering marketing text. This marketing text can be published to your online shop to promote the item. Here's where Copilot comes in. By just selecting the Draft with Copilot action on the item card, Copilot will generate an intelligent draft text for you. Once you get the first draft, you can run Copilot again and again until you get a draft you like. When you have suggestion you like, you review and edit it for accuracy, then save it.

If Business Central is set up to connect to your online store on Shopify, you can take this text even further by publishing it with the item directly to your store by selecting Add to Shopify.

Why and how to use it

AI-generated text can help you accelerate the time-to-market of products in online shops by limiting time used on copy writing. Some key benefits include:

  • Helps users overcome writer's block by getting them started with an intelligent draft.
  • Unlocks creativity to provide more engaging product descriptions.
  • Improves consistency of marketing content for product lines.

You should consider the AI-generated text as a suggestion only. Suggestions can, in some cases, contain mistakes and even inappropriate text, so human oversight and review are required. Before you make the text publicly available, you must review it for accuracy and make appropriate changes.

Current limitations

This section explains the current limitations of AI-generated text capability provided by Copilot.

  • This Copilot feature was validated in the following languages only:
    Language Locales
    English en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-IE, en-IN, en-NZ, en-PH, en-SG, en-US, en-ZA
    French fr-FR, fr-BE, Fr-CA, fr-CH
    German de-DE, de-AT, de-CH
    Spanish es-ES, es-MS, es-CO, es-PE
    Danish da-DK
    Dutch nl-NL, nl-BE
    Italian it-IT, it-CH
    Japanese ja-JP
    While it can be used in other languages, it may not function as intended. Language quality may vary based on the user’s interaction or system settings which may impact accuracy and the user experience.
  • Poor suggestions can result when vague or generic product names are used and specifics about an item are missing, like key attributes or a category.
  • Copilot is only supported on Business Central online, not private cloud environments or Business Central on-premises environments.
  • Copilot isn't supported through connections to your own Azure OpenAI Service resource in your Azure subscription.

Next steps

To get started, you'll need a Business Central (v23.1 and later) environment that's enabled with Copilot.

Once you have an environment or trail that ready, go to Add marketing text to items with Copilot.

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