Add your App to AppSource

AppSource is a market place where partners can provide marketing details, such as descriptions, whitepapers, or videos about their app for Business Central.

Embed App partners can choose to promote themselves and their Embed App on AppSource.


Unlike all other apps, solutions that are part of the Embed App program are not uploaded to AppSource itself. Instead, the app package is uploaded, deployed and tested via Lifecycle Services. AppSource in this case is used for the marketing purposes, not as a repository of Apps.

All other apps do submit their app to App Source. For more information, see Technical Validation Checklist and Marketing Validation Checklist.


As soon as your app has been uploaded to the AppSource marketplace, it will be used as a baseline during the technical validation of your next submission(s). As a consequence, you won't be allowed to perform breaking changes without obsoleting the AL objects first and you won't be allowed to perform schema breaking changes; breaking changes on tables or table extensions. This applies also if your extension isn't used by customers yet. You should then not submit your app to the AppSource marketplace if you are still developing it and expect to change it in the near future.

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