InherentPermissions Attribute

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 9.0.

Specifies the permissions assigned to the scope of the method.

Applies To

  • Method
  • Event


[InherentPermissions(PermissionObjectType: PermissionObjectType, ObjectId: Integer, Permissions: Text [, InherentPermissionsScope: InherentPermissionsScope])]


 Type: PermissionObjectType
Specifies the type of object that the attribute assigns permissions to.

 Type: Integer
Specifies the ID of the object that permissions are assigned to. You can specify the object by its ID (integer) or by its name using the syntax <ObjectType>::<ObjectName>, such as Codeunit::MyCodeunit. It is recommended to specify the object by name for readability.

 Type: Text
Specifies the permission values. You can specify the permissions using the syntax <permission value>.

[Optional] InherentPermissionsScope
 Type: InherentPermissionsScope
Specifies the scope of the permissions that are assigned (Entitlements, Permissions or Both).


For information about the <permission value> syntax, refer to permissions values or permissions on objects.


[InherentPermissions (PermissionObjectType::Table, Database::"Customer", 'r', InherentPermissionsScope::Both)]


Specifying InherentPermissionsScope is optional and the default is Both that includes permissions and entitlements. To read about different types of scope, see InherentPermissionsScope Option.


You can use inherent permissions only for objects within the same extension.

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