InherentPermissionsScope Option Type

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 10.0.

The different types of scope that the InherentPermissions attribute can apply to.


Member Description
Permissions The Permissions scope
Entitlements The Entitlements scope
Both The Both scope


InherentPermissionScope is used as a parameter with InherentPermissions attribute, which can override the entitlements. It's an optional method and the default value for InherentPermissionScope is Both that includes permissions and entitlements. To learn more about syntax and usage of InherentPermissions attribute, see InherentPermissions Attribute.


[InherentPermissions(PermissionObjectType:Table, Database:MyTable, 'x', InherentPermissionScope:Entitlements)]

[InherentPermissions(PermissionObjectType:Table, Database:MyTable, 'x', InherentPermissionScope:Permissions)]

[InherentPermissions(PermissionObjectType:Table, Database:MyTable, 'x', InherentPermissionScope:Both)]

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