IndentationControls Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets which columns (controls) are indented in a list.

Applies to

  • Page Group


IndentationControls = Field1[, Field2];


The IndentationControls property lets you choose which columns are indented under a repeater control on a list page.

To enable an indented hierarchy, you must also set the IndentationColumn property. This property specifies field in the source table that controls which records are indented and by how much.

When using this property, consider the following behavior:

  • Web client supports indentation on one column only. You can specify more than one column, however, in the UI, the columns may not appear as expected.
  • When indentation is specified, it's no longer possible to use sorting on the columns in the repeater control.
  • This property is ignored if the ShowAsTree property on the repeater is set to true.
  • Right-aligned data in columns, such as the integer data type, won't appear as indented.

For more information about how to use this property, see Designing Indented Hierarchy Lists.


    IndentationColumn = Indent;
    IndentationControls = Name;
    field("No."; "No.")

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