Get started with Customer Insights using a single data source

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provides ingestion of a single data source to get you up and running quickly. Provide your own data in a .csv file or choose sample data. Customer Insights uploads and unifies the data creating a customer profile, and then automatically generates insights on the data.


Currently, this feature is available for customers in the United States only.


  • File must be a CSV file with only letters, numbers, and _ in the file name
  • File must contain more than 100 rows and 5 columns
  • File must include at least one column of each data category:
    • Identity: Customer number, email, SSN
    • Demographics: Address, DOB, gender
    • Business: Loyalty points, total spending

Upload a single data source

In a newly provisioned environment, the Getting Started page displays. If the page was closed, go to the Home page, select Add data or Resume on the Get insights in mins card.

  1. From the Getting Started page, select Get started.

    Screenshot of Getting started for getting insights in minutes.

  2. To use your own data, browse or drag and drop your file. To use sample data, select Download Microsoft’s sample data and load the sample file. If the file meets the prerequisites, Next displays.

    Screenshot of Getting Started - Add Data to add your single CSV file.

  3. Select Next. Customer Insights identifies a unique key for your data source called the primary key.

  4. Select Yes to verify the primary key or choose another field as the primary key for your data source. Select Next. Customer Insights checks the data quality.


    If an error occurs during data processing, Customer Insights explains the issue in a message and provides an action to take. For example, if required attributes needed to generate insights are not identified, select Map data.

    After the data quality checks, Customer Insights removes duplicate records, creates customer profiles, and generates insights such as segments and measures.

  5. Upon a successful completion, the Results page displays results from your file:

    • Unique number of customers
    • Number of duplicate records
    • Suggested segments and measures

    Screenshot of Getting Started - Results.

  6. Select Done to go to the Home page.

Map required data

  1. Under the Needs mapping tab, select each field in your file that matches the list of fields displayed.

  2. Review all mapped fields under the All mapped tab and make changes if necessary.

  3. Select Next.

Next steps