Export segments to Facebook Ads Manager (preview)

[This article is prerelease documentation and is subject to change.]

Export segments of unified customer profiles to Facebook Ads Manager to create campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


Known limitations

  • Up to 10 million customer profiles per export to Facebook Ads Manager, which can take up to 90 minutes.
  • Segments only.
  • Facebook Ads integration doesn't support users with more than 25 ad accounts.
  • Facebook customer list type in custom audiences only.


    In some cases, you might see custom audiences of different types in the dropdown list. If you select a different type other than customer list, the export fails.

Set up connection to Facebook Ads Manager

You must be an administrator in Customer Insights to add a connection.

  1. Go to Settings > Connections.

  2. Select Add connection and choose Facebook Ads Manager.

  3. Give your connection a recognizable name in the Display name field. The name and the type of the connection describe this connection. We recommend choosing a name that explains the purpose and target of the connection.

  4. Allow contributors to use the connection for exports.

  5. Authenticate with Facebook Ads:

    1. Select Continue with Facebook to sign in to your Facebook Ads account.

    2. Allow the ads_management permission after authenticating with Facebook.

    3. Select the Facebook Ads Account that you want to work with.

  6. Review the data privacy and compliance and select I agree.

  7. Select Save to complete the connection.

Configure an export

To configure this export, you must have permission for this connection type.

  1. Go to Data > Exports.

  2. Select Add export.

  3. In the Connection for export field, choose a connection from the Facebook Ads Manager section. Contact an administrator if no connection is available.

  4. Enter a name for the export.

  5. Enter the Facebook Ads custom audience ID, which defines the audience this export updates. We show the Facebook Ads account name and ID configured in the selected connection, Choose an audience for that account. To find the audience ID in Facebook Ads Manager, go to the audience page and set it to show the audience ID column in the table.

  6. In the Connect data field, select Email, Name and address, or Phone to send to Facebook Ads Manager. Map the corresponding attributes from your unified customer table for the selected key identifier.


    The best chances for a match occur if you select Email as key identifier. Adding additional identifiers may improve the matching.

  7. Select Add attribute to map more attributes to send to Facebook Ads Manager. Attributes from Facebook Ads Manager are mapping to the following user-friendly names: FN = First Name, LN = Last Name, FI = First Initial, PHONE = Phone, GEN = Gender, DOB = Date of birth, ST = State, CT = City, ZIP = Postal code / ZIP Code, COUNTRY = Country / Region


    All personal data is sent as a hashed value to Facebook.

  8. Select the segments you want to export.

  9. Select Save.

Saving an export doesn't run the export immediately. The export runs with every scheduled refresh. You can also export data on demand.