Uninstall Customer Insights

You can remove Customer Insights from any Dynamics 365 instance where it's installed. After removing it, you'll end up with a Customer Insights license that you can use on another Dynamics 365 instance, if desired.


The uninstall process detailed below does not remove all Customer Insights - Journeys-related solutions from your instance. To remove all Customer Insights - Journeys-related solutions, you must follow the process below then manually delete the solutions in the order listed in Solution uninstall order for removing Customer Insights - Journeys.

Uninstall Customer Insights - Journeys services

Uninstalling Customer Insights - Journeys should be done with care. Depending on the reason for uninstalling, you may want to back up your environment and your interaction data to prevent data loss. When you uninstall, several things happen to the application on your environment including:

  • The services disconnect from the environment leaving behind only the user experience solutions. You can no longer send emails, orchestrate journeys, create segments, and so on, on the environment.
  • The Azure Data Lake that stores your historical interaction data is disconnected and cleaned up. As such, if you don't want to lose this data, you should back it up before uninstalling.
  • The available application installation quota increases by one.
  • The solutions remain on the environment unless you go through the manual process of removing them with help from a support engineer as described later in this article.
  • The solutions won't be upgraded during the monthly release schedule.
  • If you choose to install on this environment at a later date, the solutions are upgraded to the latest versions, a paid license is decremented, and the services are reestablished.

Using the built-in uninstall process

The Customer Insights automatic uninstall process handles most uninstall operations. The uninstall process:

  • Removes all services for Customer Insights - Journeys, event management, and Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  • Removes the marketing insights service and its data
  • Turns off user syncing from Microsoft 365 for Customer Insights - Journeys users
  • Frees your Customer Insights license for use with another Dynamics 365 instance


If you want to release your Customer Insights entitlement to use on a different instance, you do not need to uninstall any of the Customer Insights solutions.

To run the uninstall process:

  1. If you have sample data installed, remove it. More information: Add or remove sample data.

  2. Access the installation management area and find the environment where you want to uninstall the Customer Insights - Journeys application. Make sure the correct environment is listed.

  3. Select Uninstall next to the instance that you want to remove.

  4. The uninstall process takes place and updates the environment when it's complete.

Reset any Power Apps portals connected to the uninstalled Customer Insights - Journeys app (outbound marketing only)

If the outbound environment in the Customer Insights - Journeys instance that you're uninstalling was connected to a Power Apps portal (for example to run marketing pages or the events website), then you need to reset the portal to release its license. After the reset, the portal still shows as configured in the Power Platform admin center, but you'll be able to select it when you use the installation management area to set up a new, copied, or restored instance.

Portals are optional, so you might not have one connected to your Customer Insights - Journeys instance. More information: Integrate Customer Insights - Journeys with a CMS system or Power Apps portal

To reset a portal:

  1. Follow the instructions provided in Reset a portal.
  2. Portal reset leaves behind its website bindings, which may prevent you from reusing your portal name. Therefore, you should always delete all website bindings that are related to the portals used by your uninstalled Customer Insights - Journeys instance. More information: Create and manage website bindings

Solution uninstall order for removing Customer Insights - Journeys


If you want to release your Customer Insights entitlement to use on a different instance, you do not need to uninstall any of the Customer Insights - Journeys solutions.

To delete Dynamics 365 from an instance, first open the installation management area and run the uninstall command. The uninstall command releases your Dynamics 365 license and disconnects the Customer Insights - Journeys services. If you'd also like to remove all of the related solutions from your instance, you must manually delete them in the order listed below. (Some of the items listed here may not be present on your instance, so just skip any missing items.) For complete instructions, see Uninstall Customer Insights - Journeys.

Solutions labeled "Used outside of Customer Insights - Journeys" are used by other Dynamics 365 apps such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service Hub, Intelligent Order Management Features, and others. It's not safe to uninstall the shared solutions as it can break related workloads, so it's recommended to skip those.


In the following tables, names of solutions used outside of Customer Insights - Journeys are bold, indicating that you should not delete them because they affect other apps.

Moments-based marketing:

Solution name Used outside of Customer Insights - Journeys
DynamicsMKT_AnchorSolution No
DynamicsMKT_CxpAnalytics Yes
DynamicsMKT_Configuration No
DynamicsMKT_OcIntegration No
msdyn_InsightsAnalyticsMKTConfiguration No
msdyn_DataInsightsAndAnalyticsForMKT No
msdyn_DataInsightsAndAnalytics Yes
DynamicsMKT_Sitemap_RTMDefault No
DynamicsMKT_StandaloneSitemap No
DynamicsMKT_Sitemap No
MicrosoftDynamics_EventManagementAppUser No
DynamicsMKT_LandingPageFormsAppUser No
DynamicsMKT_TeamsEventsIntegrationAppUser No
DynamicsMKT_MarketingAppUserRealtimeLink No
DynamicsMKT_CxpGoalUser No
DynamicsMKT_CxpExperimentationUser Yes
DynamicsMKT_CxpAnalyticsConfiguration No
DynamicsMKT_CxpAIConfiguration No
DynamicsMKT_AttachCIApplicationUser No
DynamicsMKT_CxpApplicationUser No
DynamicsMKT_ChannelsAppUser No
DynamicsMKT_ConsentAppUser No
DynamicsMKT_CxpPersonalizationUIAppUser Yes
DynamicsMKT_CIConnection No
DynamicsMKT_BURoles No
DynamicsMKT_Roles No
DynamicsMKT_CxpGdpr No
DynamicsMKT_ConsentFormsLink No
DynamicsMKT_EventManagementRealtimeLinkData No
DynamicsMKT_EventManagementRealtimeLink No
DynamicsMKT_FormsData No
DynamicsMKT_Forms No
DynamicsMKT_FrequencyCapping No
DynamicsMKT_BrandProfiles No
DynamicsMKT_TeamsVEventsApp No
DynamicsMKT_TeamsVEvents No
DynamicsMKT_Fragments No
DynamicsMKT_DomainValidation No
DynamicsMKT_CustomerJourneyManagementRealtimeLink No
DynamicsMKT_FormManagementRealtimeLink No
DynamicsMKT_CxpConditionalContent No
DynamicsMKT_QuotaSolution No
DynamicsMKT_MetadataStore Yes
DynamicsMKT_CxpGetStartedEasyModeBaseSolution No
DynamicsMKT_CxpGetStartedExperience No
DynamicsMKT_PushNotification No
DynamicsMKT_SharedPushChannelsUser No
DynamicsMKT_SharedPushChannels No
DynamicsMKT_EmailChannel No
DynamicsMKT_CxpEmailEditor No
DynamicsMKT_CxpEmailEditorCanvas No
MicrosoftDynamics_EmailEditorModule Yes
MicrosoftDynamics_EmailEditorCanvasModule Yes
DynamicsMKT_EmailEditorCanvasShared Yes
DynamicsMKT_EmailEditorShared No
DynamicsMKT_OrchestrationActions No
DynamicsMKT_ImageGenerator No
DynamicsMKT_Tracking No
DynamicsMKT_PersonalizationUI Yes
DynamicsMKT_CxpCmsIntegration No
DynamicsMKT_SmsChannel No
DynamicsMKT_CustomerVoiceIntegration No
DynamicsMKT_SharedSmsChannelsUser Yes
DynamicsMKT_SharedSmsChannels Yes
DynamicsMKT_ChannelDefinitions No
DynamicsMKT_SharedChannelExtensions Yes
msdyn_D365ChannelDefinitions Yes
msdyn_D365ChannelDefinitionsUser Yes
msdyn_OmnichannelSharedSMS Yes
msdyn_OmnichannelSharedCommunicationBase Yes
msdyn_OmnichannelSharedBase Yes
msdyn_OCModernAdminBase Yes
DynamicsMKT_CxpGoal No
DynamicsMKT_CxpExperimentation Yes
DynamicsMKT_CxpAI No
DynamicsMKT_OrchestrationAnalyticsRealtimeLink No
DynamicsMKT_OrchestrationAnalytics No
DynamicsMKT_OrchestrationTriggers No
DynamicsMKT_CxpOrchestrationUI No
DynamicsMKT_CxpOrchestrationUIControls No
DynamicsMKT_ConsentAttachCI No
DynamicsMKT_Consent No
DynamicsMKT_AssetControlsSolution No
DynamicsMKT_CxpFormControls No
DynamicsMKT_OrchestrationEngineAttachCI No
DynamicsMKT_OrchestrationEngineEvents No
DynamicsMKT_OrchestrationEngine No
DynamicsMKT_CxpSegmentationUI No
DynamicsMKT_FeatureConfiguration Yes
MicrosoftDynamics_HealthChecker No
DynamicsMKT_BaseSolution Yes
DynamicsMKT_Segmentation No
DynamicsMKT_AnalyticsUx Yes

Segment-based marketing:

Solution name Used outside of Customer Insights - Journeys
MicrosoftDynamics_SegmentationDataLakeTIP No
MicrosoftDynamics_SegmentationDataLake No
LeadGenAppUser No
MicrosoftDynamics_MarketingAppUser No
MicrosoftDynamics_MarketingAppBURoles No
MicrosoftDynamics_MarketingAppRoles No
MicrosoftDynamics_SubscriptionList No
MicrosoftDynamics_OrgCleanup No
MicrosoftDynamics_PackageUpgrade No
MicrosoftDynamics_PersonalizedPages No
MicrosoftDynamics_MarketableContactSupport No
MicrosoftDynamics_MarketingFormsProLink No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktEmailEditor No
MicrosoftDynamics_EvtMgmtPortalsLink No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktContentSuggestions No
MicrosoftDynamics_EmailEditorModule No
MicrosoftDynamics_EmailEditorCanvasModule No
MicrosoftDynamics_QuickSend No
MicrosoftDynamics_ABTesting No
MicrosoftDynamics_GwennolFeatureConfiguration No
MicrosoftDynamics_GwennolSpamScore No
MicrosoftDynamics_GwennolOESTPrediction No
MicrosoftDynamics_GwennolOptimalEmailSendingTime No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktIntegration No
MicrosoftDynamics_SocialPosting No
MicrosoftDynamics_LinkedInMatchedAudiences No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktLeadGenLink No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktConsentManagement No
MicrosoftDynamics_FeatureConfiguration No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktQuotaInfo No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktPageTemplates No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktEvtMgmtLink No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktOrchestrationCompatModule No
MicrosoftDynamics_MarketingOrchestrationModule No
LinkedInLeadGenIntegration No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktLeadManagement No
MicrosoftDynamics_MktEmailTemplates No
MicrosoftDynamics_Marketing No
MicrosoftDynamics_EventManagement No
DynamicsMKT_EmailEditorCanvasShared No
DynamicsMKT_EmailEditorShared No
MicrosoftDynamics_ContentEditor Yes
MicrosoftDynamics_Orchestration No
MicrosoftDynamics_ReusableBlocks No
DynamicsMKT_SharedMarketingSettings No
MicrosoftDynamics_DigitalAssets No
DynamicsMKT_SharedMarketingControls Yes
MicrosoftDynamics_Calendar No
MicrosoftDynamics_DsfSdkAppUser No
MicrosoftDynamics_ManagedIdentityTIP No
MicrosoftDynamics_ManagedIdentity No
MicrosoftDynamics_PreImport No

If you see any other "anchor" solutions that start with "MicrosoftDynamics_", you can delete those too. They're likely left over from an earlier version that you upgraded. You can remove these in any order after you've uninstalled the other solutions.

Customer Insights - Journeys application dependencies are installed alongside the Customer Insights - Journeys application. The following dependencies can only be uninstalled if they aren't used by other solutions:

  1. msdyn_DataInsightsAndAnalytics: Enables analytics capabilities for Dynamics 365 applications like Customer Service, Field Service, and Universal Resource Scheduling.
  2. DynamicsMKT_Segmentation: Standard entity of segment representation and segment metadata.