Enable features in Copilot pane

The Copilot help pane allows agents to use Copilot features such as respond to questions, compose an email, and draft a chat response in Customer Service workspace.


  • You have the System Administrator role.

  • If you aren't in the North America region and you want to use the web search powered by Bing feature, you must enable data movement across regions and Bing search in Power Platform admin center. See Enable data movement across regions.

    Power Platform Admin center bing chat.

Enable Copilot assist features

Perform the following steps to enable the Copilot features in Customer Service admin center:

  1. Use one of the following navigation options:

    • Agent Experience > Productivity > Copilot help pane
    • Operations > Insights > Copilot help pane
  2. Select Manage in Copilot help pane. The Copilot help pane page appears. You can select the Copilot features you'd like to enable for agents on this page.

    Screenshot of ask a question in Copilot pane.

Enable ask a question

Select Make Copilot available to agents in the Copilot help pane page of Customer Service admin center. The Ask a question tab on the Copilot help pane appears when agents sign in to Customer Service workspace. Agents can ask questions conversationally, and Copilot answers the questions based on the internal knowledge base sources.

Enable draft a response (preview)


  • This is a preview feature.
  • Preview features aren’t meant for production use and may have restricted functionality. These features are subject to supplemental terms of use, and are available before an official release so that customers can get early access and provide feedback.

Select For customer chat in the Copilot help pane page of Customer Service admin center. The one-click response generation button appears on both the communication panel for a conversation and on the Ask a question tab on the Copilot help pane in Customer Service workspace. Copilot retrieves the context and drafts the response based on the knowledge resources configured for your organization.

Configure knowledge sources

You can configure the knowledge base for Copilot to generate responses.


Make sure that you have knowledge management configured in your environment and your knowledge article parameters are as follows:

  • Updated with the latest version
  • The state is set to Published


Copilot uses the content attribute only in the knowledge article table to generate responses for ask a question, write an email, and draft a chat features. You can't customize this behavior.

Enable knowledge base

Select Knowledge base to allow Copilot to utilize internal knowledge base resources for generating responses. This will be used for the ask a question and draft an email features, both in the Copilot help pane and the rich text editor. By default, this option is disabled.

If you've disabled the knowledge base option, agents will be able to use Copilot to draft an email using the Suggest a call, Request more information, Empathize with feedback and Custom prompts.

Add trusted webpages as sources

You can select Add web address in Web resources to add trusted domains. You can add up to five trusted web domains for Copilot to search and generate responses from. Copilot searches for information up to two levels down from the configured domain. You must enable the Bing Search in Power Platform admin center to add trusted web sources. See Enable data across geographic locations.

Copilot uses articles that are two nodes down the configured domain.


  • The knowledge base content is refreshed every day.
  • External websites are used by Copilot to draft emails and chat replies only.

Enable translation

Select Let agents translate responses to allow agents to translate responses generated by Copilot to their preferred language. Agents can choose from a list of languages that your organization has added to Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Set up filters

Filters enable Copilot to generate responses based on a specific set of topics. You can set up filters for ask a question and draft a response.


We recommend that the appropriate knowledge content is available for the filters you have set so that agents can see the expected responses.

You can apply the filters in the following sections.

Preset filters

Specify filters that are applied by default in the background to filter knowledge base articles. Agents can't see these filters. You can set predefined filters for ask a question and draft a response features as follows:

  1. Select Manage rules in Preset filters for the required feature.
  2. Specify the required conditions for the filter.
  3. Select Finish editing.

Agent filters

Specify the filters that agents can apply to further filter and refine Copilot responses. Agents can see and select or deselect these filters in the Copilot help pane for the ask a question feature. If a filter isn't configured as an agent filter, it operates in the background and isn't visible to agents.

To configure an agent filter, do the following steps:

  1. Select Add Filter for Agent Filters.
  2. Specify the required knowledge base field that agents can use. You can also specify the display name and add the values from the field that the agent can select.
  3. Turn on the Filter status toggle. This toggle must be turned on for the agent to see the filter.
  4. Select Finish editing.

Automated filters

Specify the filters that are automatically applied. The agents don't need to explicitly set them in the Copilot help pane. To configure automated filters, do the following steps:

  1. Select Add Filter for Automated Filters.
  2. Specify the required knowledge base field and the rules that correspond to the field's value. The filter rule is applied only on the record type the agent is currently working on.
  3. Turn on the Use untagged content if the field value is null toggle to view all the content if the field value doesn't match the specified value.
  4. Turn on the Allow agents to view or change this filter toggle for agents to see a visual cue that the automated filter is applied and change the filtering options. Based on your setting, the following actions apply:
    • On: The application prompts you to create a corresponding agent filter for the same knowledge attribute in Agent Filters. Agents then see the filters on the Copilot help pane.
    • Off: Agents can't see the filter on the Copilot help pane. The filters operate in the background without any agent notifications.
  5. Select Finish editing.


You can add up to five filters per category.

Features supported with different knowledge sources

The following table summarizes the Copilot features supported for a configured knowledge source.

Feature Knowledge base External web resources
Ask a question X
Write an email
Draft a response

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