Create and use agent experience profiles


Support for the Omnichannel Administration app ended on April 30, 2022, and the app was removed in July 2023. We recommend that you use the Customer Service admin center app to configure the latest features, such as unified routing and voice channel. More information: Omnichannel Administration app is deprecated

By default, the following agent experience profiles are available out of the box for Customer Service workspace and Omnichannel for Customer Service. These profiles can't be deleted or modified. When you don't assign a custom profile to an agent, the default profile is assigned.

  • Omnichannel for Customer Service - default profile
  • Customer Service workspace - default profile
  • Customer Service workspace + channels - default profile

You can configure agent experience profiles in Customer Service admin center or app profile manager. The app profile manager can be accessed through Power Apps.


Make sure you have the App Profile Manager Administrator role. More information: Security roles

The Basic User role is also required to create profiles in Customer Service admin center.

Create agent experience profiles in Customer Service admin center

By using agent profiles, you can create targeted app experiences for agents and supervisors. Profiles help access the features that your agents and supervisors can use in their daily tasks to resolve customer issues.

  1. Go to Agent experience profiles in Agent experience > Workspaces.

  2. Select New, and enter the following details on the Create a new agent experience profile dialog.

    • Name: The app profile name.
    • Unique name: A unique identifier in the <prefix>_<name> format.
    • Description: A description for the profile.
  3. Select Create. An agent experience profile is created.

Assign users, templates, configure productivity pane, channels

For the profile that you created, you can add users and configure option such as specific session templates, conversation channels, and productivity tools.

Go to Agent experience profiles and select the required agent experience profile. You can perform the following actions:

  • Set an agent experience profile as the default profile. If you set a default profile, all the available users are associated with this profile. You can also assign a custom profile to a security role and assign a rank to the profile. More information: Add users to custom agent experience profiles

  • In the Users section, specify the agents this profile must be associated with. Select Add Users to select users from the available users, or search for and add users to the profile.

  • Select Add entity session template to link a session template to the profile. On the Entity session templates pane, you can select an existing template or create a new entity session template.

  • In the Productivity pane, select Turn on to enable the productivity tools that the agents can access when they work on their assigned tasks. The following productivity tool options are available:

    • Default mode
    • Smart assist
    • Agent scripts
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Knowledge search
    • Copilot help pane

    Turn on the toggle against each option in the Productivity Pane to enable it for the agent.

  • In the Inbox section, select Edit to enable the inbox view. This allows agents to view all their work items on one screen and helps them to prioritize tasks and efficiently work on multiple tasks.

  • In the Channel providers section, select Edit to enable the channels and select third-party voice channel providers. On the Channel providers pane you can:

    • Turn on the All active channels toggle
    • Select a channel provider or create channel providers in the Third party voice channel providers section.

The agent experience profile with configured settings in Customer Service admin center.

Enable Copilot features for agent experience profiles

For agents to be able to use the copilot features in Customer Service workspace, you need to enable the copilot features in agent experience profiles. By default, agents added to the out-of-the-box agent experience profiles can use the Copilot features. For more information, See: Make Copilot available to agents

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