Agent experience profiles


Support for the Omnichannel Administration app ended on April 30, 2022, and the app was removed in July 2023. We recommend that you use the Customer Service admin center app to configure the latest features, such as unified routing and voice channel. More information: Omnichannel Administration app is deprecated

Agent experience profiles enable you to create targeted app experiences for agents and supervisors, and are an alternative to building and maintaining custom apps. With the agent experience profiles, administrators can create custom profiles with specific session templates, conversation channels, and productivity tools. These profiles can then be assigned to users.

Agent productivity tools use intelligence and automation to enable agents to find answers to customer questions and help resolve customer issues quickly, improving satisfaction in service delivery. The productivity tools help in easy knowledge base search, suggestions for similar knowledge articles and cases, and agent scripts with macros to automate tasks in common workflows.

The profiles are available for agents and supervisors who use the Customer Service workspace or Omnichannel for Customer Service apps.

The system requirements for agent profiles and Customer Service workspace are the same. More information: System requirements for Customer Service workspace

How the agent experience profile works

You can manage the agent experience profiles as follows. The tasks in every step are done by administrators who have different roles. It could be one administrator or a set of administrators.

  1. Create users in Microsoft Dynamics 365 admin center.
  2. Assign security roles, such as Customer Service Representative or Omnichannel agent.
  3. Create business processes, such as work streams, queues, sessions, and productivity tools.
  4. Create agent experience profiles.
  5. Assign agent experience profiles to users.

For existing orgs, only steps 4 and 5 are required.

Thereafter, users with the required agent or supervisor role will be able to see and use the settings that are made available through the assigned agent experience profile. If you don't assign an agent experience profile, by default, the out-of-the-box agent experience profile will be assigned.

You can create and manage agent experience profiles in the Customer Service admin center app.

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