Configure Bing Maps to be displayed on forms

This topic applies to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises). For the Power Apps version of this topic, see: Configure a map on a form

Bing Maps can be displayed on a form for the account, contact, lead, quote, order, invoice, competitor, and system user entities. You can remove the Bing Maps area in the form editor or add it back by using the Bing Maps button on the Insert tab of the form editor.

To enable Bing Maps the system setting Show Bing Maps on forms must be enabled.

Tab Property Description
General Label Required: A label to display for the Bing Maps.
Display label on the form Whether the label should be displayed.
Select an address to use with the Bing Maps control Choose which address should be used to provide data for the map.
Visible by default Showing the Bing maps is optional and can be controlled using business rules or scripts. More information: Visibility options
Formatting Select the number of columns the control occupies When the section containing the Bing Maps has more than one column you can set the field to occupy up to the number of columns that the section has.
Select the number of rows the control occupies You can control the height of the Bing Maps by specifying a number of rows.
Automatically expand to use available space You can allow the Bing Maps height to expand to available space.

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