Use price lists

Dynamics 365 Field Service builds on Dynamics 365 Sales price lists and product catalogs. Use price lists to add products and services to work orders with appropriate pricing.

For work order products and services that represent parts or labor billed to your customers, use price lists and price list items. You can also use price lists with Field Service Price List Items for more pricing options.

Create a price list

Define basic properties of the Price List record.

  1. In Field Service, change to the Settings area.

  2. In the General section, select Price Lists.

  3. Select New.

  4. Enter information in the General tab.

    • Name to distinguish the price list.
    • Optional Start/End Date to define when the price list is effective.
    • Currency used on the price list.

    Screenshot of a price list record.

  5. Select Save to create the Price List record.


Organizations that use Field Service in combination with Dynamics 365 Project Operations find additional fields and related tabs on a price list record, some of them showing by default. Context, Role price, Role price markups, Time Unit, and Category prices are concepts which Project Operations introduces and are currently not supported by the Field Service pricing and costing functionality.

Add price list items

Add products and services as price list items to the price list.

  1. Open a Price List record.

  2. On the Price List Items tab, select New Price List Item.

  3. Choose a product or service in the Product field.

  4. On the Pricing information tab:

    • Pricing Method: Choose Currency Amount.
    • Amount: Enter the price of the product or service. Enter the hourly rate for services.
    • Discount List: Don't use this setting. Field Service currently doesn't support discount lists price list items. You can configure discounts directly on work order products and services.

For more information about options for price list items, go to Define product pricing with price lists and price list items.

Add Field Service price list items

You can add more pricing options for products and services by creating Field Service Price List Items. You can add a product or service that isn't a price list item. In this case, the list price on the product record will be used.

  1. Open a Price List record.

  2. Select Related > Field Service Price List Item.

  3. Select Add Field Service Price List Item.

  4. On the General tab:

    • Provide a Name.
    • Choose the Duration Rounding Policy.
    • Set the Flat Fee option. Flat fee applies a fixed price to a service, regardless of duration. The fixed price is derived first from the price list item amount, and then the list price on the product record.
    • Minimum Charge Duration specifies the time not billed before charging the customer.
    • Choose a Product/Service. By not adding a product or service, the options apply to all services added to a work order when selecting the parent price list. Not adding a product is helpful if, for example, you want to add a minimum charge amount to all services in the price list. It saves time because you don't need to add all services as Field Service Price List Items.
    • Set Duration Round To for your preferred rounding option.
    • Minimum Charge Amount defines a base fee for a service. The amount will be added on to final price regardless of amount charged.

    Screenshot of a Field Service price list item.

  5. Select Save & Close.

Add a price list to work orders

When creating a work order, choose a price list. The price list can be entered manually or filled in automatically based on the billing account or the work order.

Screenshot of a work order with a highlight on the price list.

The selected price list automatically applies to all work order products and services. However, you can change it on the individual work order product or service.


Use Entitlements to dynamically adjust the price of work order products and services.

Add territory relationships

Add default price lists for territories or customer segments. It helps your field service team to see the default price list for the area they're working in.

  1. Open a Price List record.

  2. In the Territory Relationships section, select Add Connection.

  3. Select one or more territories.

  4. Select Save & Close.