Edit the navigation and views on the mobile app

The Field Service Mobile app module is a model-driven app, which you can edit in Power Apps so it matches your business scenario.

To change things like the navigation, form, or views, you need permissions to sign in to Power Apps and permissions to edit model-driven apps. Usually, the environment maker, system administrator, or system customizer security role have the permissions to create or edit apps.

Edit the navigation

In Power Apps, open the environment with the app you want to edit. For more information, see Edit an app.

In the app designer in Power Apps, you find the current navigation structure with groups of pages. You can edit the navigation and add or remove groups and pages.

Edit mobile views

For every table in the navigation, you can choose the views available on mobile app. For more information, see Understand model-driven app views.

You can also customize views with code or customize the booking calendar.

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