Set up booking statuses

Booking statuses allow you to create multiple substatuses mapped to each of your booking statuses in order to more precisely define your company's unique business processes.

Screenshot of the list of booking statuses.

  1. From the main menu, go to Resources > Booking Settings, and then choose Booking Statuses.

  2. Select +New on the Active Booking Statuses screen.

  3. Fill in your information.

    • Choose a custom Status Color value in the Common tab to specify which color the resource schedule time slot will be displayed on the schedule board.

    • Map the new status to a parent status in the Field Service tab by choosing a value in the Field Service Status field.


You can also set a default status for scheduled and canceled bookings. Go to Resources > Administration > Booking Setup Metadata Wizard. Select msdyn_workorder and configure the default settings. For more information: Configure default settings