Unified posting date control

This article explains how to configure chronology control of invoices posting dates within a specific sales tax book section.


  • The primary address of the legal entity must be in Italy.
  • Italian sales tax books and sections are configured in the system. For more information, see Italian sales tax books.
  • In the Feature management workspace, turn on the (Italy) Unified posting date control feature. For more information, see Feature management overview.

Configure posting date control

Complete the following steps to configure posting date control.

  1. Go to Tax > Setup > Sales tax > Italian sales tax book sections.
  2. In the Skip posting date control column, select whether posting date control is required for a selected sales tax book section.

Posting date control.

  • If the field isn't enabled, which is the default option, the system doesn't allow posting of new invoices with dates earlier than the date of the latest posted invoice.
  • If the field is enabled, the system allows posting with any date.