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You can enable business processes that are common to both the public and private sectors, such as budgeting, purchasing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable tasks.

Use the Public sector functionality to meet the rules, regulations, and reporting requirements for organizations that serve the public. The business processes affected include:

* Applicable only if your organization is in France.

Why do I need the Public sector configuration key?

The Public sector configuration key enables pages and controls that supplement the core apps . You can enable or disable this key on the License configuration page.

How does the Public sector configuration key relate to other configuration keys?

The following table provides information about how this configuration key relates to other configuration keys.

Detail Description
Parent key None
Child keys Advanced ledger entry configuration key (AdvancedLedgerEntry) Public sector 1099G configuration key (Tax1099G) Public sector 1099S configuration key (Tax1099S) French regulatory configuration key

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