Get support for your Dynamics 365 product

You can get either billing support or technical support for your Dynamics 365 product.


Find content to help you troubleshoot Dynamics 365 before you request support. Learn more at Microsoft Dynamics 365 troubleshooting.

Billing support

Billing support for the Dynamics 365 products varies by the license you are using. For questions about your subscription, see the appropriate Licensing guide.

  • For customer engagement apps (Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, and Project Service Automation) billing support, see Purchasing and billing FAQs in the Microsoft Power Platform admin guide.

  • For finance and operations billing support, if you believe that you are owed a credit based on the Service Level Agreement, please contact phone support.

Technical and community support

The way to get support for a given Dynamics 365 product varies. Check the following table for options.

Product Support options Community support
Sales Technical Support Sales Community
Customer Service Technical Support Customer Service Community
Marketing Technical Support Marketing Community
Field Service Technical Support Field Service Community
Project Service Automation Technical Support Project Service Automation Community
Remote Assist Technical Support Remote Assist Community
Business Central Technical Support Business Central Community
Guides Support options Guides Community
Fraud Protection
Human Resources
Project Operations
Supply Chain Management
Support options Finance and Operations Community
Human Resources Community

For more information about choosing a support plan, see support plans.