Edit personal information

Applies to these Dynamics 365 apps:
Human Resources

You can edit your personal information in Dynamics 365 Human Resources in the Employee self service workspace.

The personal information you can edit includes:

  • Addresses
  • Contact details
  • Personal contacts
  • Identification numbers
  • Payment method
  • Image used in Human Resources


You might not be able to edit certain types of personal information, such as business contact details. For more information, see Restrict editing of personal information.

Parameters set on the Global address book parameters page determine which roles can see your personal information.

  1. In Human Resources, select Employee self service.

  2. Select Edit personal details.

  3. To change your address, select the Addresses tab. Changes you make appear in the Personnel management workspace to alert HR.

    • To add a new address, select Add.
    • To edit an existing address, select the address and then select Edit.
    • To view a map, select Map.
    • To add or remove a contact, select More options and then select Advanced. Under Contact information, select Add or Remove and edit the fields as necessary.
    • To set your time zone and location, select More options and then select Advanced. Under General, edit the fields as necessary.
  4. To change your contact details, select the Contact details tab. You can provide different types of contact information, including phone, email, and social media links. You can set a contact detail as primary, but you can only set one of each type as primary.

    • To add new contact information, select Add. Edit the fields as necessary.
    • To edit existing contact information, select the item and then select Edit. Edit the fields as necessary.
    • To set a contact detail as private, select the item, select Advanced, and then set the Private toggle to Yes. Select OK.


      The Advanced button isn't available if your admin has enabled the (Preview) Restrict employees from adding or editing address and contact information for select purposes feature in your environment. For more information, see Restrict editing of personal information.

  5. To change your personal contacts, select the Personal contacts tab. You can designate emergency contacts, beneficiaries, and dependents. A contact can be a person or organization. The Benefits management feature uses personal contact information. For more information, see Configure personal contact eligibility options.

  6. To change your identification numbers, such as Social Security Number, select the Identification numbers tab. Changes might go through an approval process if your organization set up an approval workflow.

    • To add an identification number, select New. Complete the fields as necessary and select Save.
    • To edit a number, select Edit. Edit the fields as necessary and select Save.
  7. To change the methods by which you're paid, select the My payment information tab. This tab is only available if payment methods are enabled in the Human Resources parameters page. HR can enable Bank draft, Cash, Check, Electronic payment, or Other. HR can also disable electronic payment validation (used for US Payroll), and bank account and routing number validation.

    My bank information will be updated when bank account disbursement is configured for the bank account. After this configuration is completed, the bank information will be shown. Employees can add new bank information and make edits.

  8. To change the image that displays in Human Resources for your profile, select the Image tab. Depending on your organization's settings, images might be routed for approval.

    • To upload an image, select Upload new image.
    • To remove an image, select the image and then select Remove.