Restrict editing of personal information

Applies to these Dynamics 365 apps:
Human Resources


Some or all of this functionality is available as a public preview in any Sandbox or Trial environment. It's not available in Production environments. The content and the functionality are subject to change. For more information about enabling preview features, see Manage features.

This article describes how to restrict employees from editing contact details in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. You might want to prevent employees from editing certain contact details, such as their business location or email address.


To use this feature, you must first enable (Preview) Restrict employees from adding or editing address and contact information for select purposes in Feature management. For more information about enabling preview features, see Manage features.

Enable preview feature.

Choose the information an employee can add or edit

  1. In Human Resources, select Personnel management, select Links, and then select Human resources parameters.

    Go to Human resources parameters.

  2. On the Human resources parameters page, select the Employee self service tab.

    Select Employee self service.

  3. On the Employee self service tab, uncheck all information in the Address and contact information section that you don't want employees to add or edit. In this example, we've unchecked Business contact information.

    Restrict editing for business contact information.

  4. Select Save.

    Save changes.

Employee experience

After you've restricted employees from adding or editing contact details, they can see the information, but can't change it.

In this example, where employees are restricted from editing Business contact details, they can still see the information in Employee self service:

View business contact details.

However, when they select the business contact details, the Edit address pane appears as read-only, and they can't change any of the fields.

Business contact details display as read-only.

In addition, if they select Add to add a new address, they can't select Business from the Purpose dropdown box.

Employee can't add a Business address.

Employees get the same experience when they select Contact details on the Personal information page and add a new address. The Purpose dropdown box only displays the types of information they can add.

Employee can't select Business in Purpose dropdown.

Contact details now shows Purpose in the grid.

Purpose displays in Contact details grid.

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