What's new or changed in Dynamics 365 Human Resources May 20, 2021

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Human Resources

This article describes features that are new, changed, or coming soon in Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

For more information about our update process and schedule, see Update process.

For more information about new features and their expected general availability dates, see Overview of Dynamics 365 Human Resources 2021 release wave 1.

In this release

This release includes the following new features and bug fixes. Changes apply to build number 8.1.4189.

New features

The following features are generally available with this release.

Feature Release plan Documentation
Platform update 10.0.18 (42) -- Platform updates for version 10.0.18 of finance and operations apps (May 2021)
Human Resources app for Microsoft Teams now supports half day definitions and split day capability -- Manage leave requests in Teams

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes are included in this release.


Our goal is to get you this information as soon as possible. We may update this article to include bug fixes that made it into the build after this article was initially published.

Issue number Issue Description
583776 Mass enrollments of employees into leave plans is causing a duplicate record error This bug has been fixed with the latest release and mass leave plan enrollments should be processed successfully.
582263 Cannot run life event processing for all workers at once When the Worker field is left blank for life event processing, all workers will be processed.
558383 Primary beneficiary not marked as 100% if default designee is not selected Bug has been fixed so that user only needs to select primary beneficiary toggle.
509404 Department Headcount analytics not taking into consideration movement of employees between department The analytics have been updated to include transfers of employees between departments
579420 Freezing columns in grids feature should not yet be available The Freezing columns in grids feature, which is not available in Human Resources, was listed as available in Feature Management. The feature has been removed from the list of features to enable.

In preview

The following new features are in preview. For more information about turning features on or off, see Manage features.

Feature Release plan Documentation
Custom field support in Benefits management eligibility rules Custom field support for eligibility processing Configuring eligibility rules
Benefits management workspace Benefits management workspace (Preview) Benefits management workspace
Leave and absence workflow experience enhancements Leave and absence workflow experience enhancements Request time off
Enable simplified payroll integration (Payroll integration APIs) Enable simplified integration with payroll providers Payroll integration API
Leave accrual transaction auditing - Leave accrual transaction auditing

Coming soon

Feature Details
Enable an absence manager to manage leave Enable an absence manager to manage leave

For a complete list of planned features and their scheduled releases, see Overview of Dynamics 365 Human Resources 2021 release wave 1.

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