Declared income and expense

The Declared income and expense component displays the difference between the income and expenses for all the loan applicants. In addition, the component also displays the declared assets and liabilities per applicant in a designated tab for each applicant in the Onboarding application.

The Declared income and expense summary displays the aggregate income and expenses of all applicants.

Screenshot of the Declared income and expenses summary.

The Declared income and expense tab displays the income and expense declared by the primary applicant during Onboarding process. The tab provides the following details:

  • The Onboarding agent can view the declared income and expense for each listed applicant.

  • The tab provides a breakup of the applicant's declaration that helps the Onboarding agent, or the Loan manager in the case of a loan scenario, to assess whether the applicant can afford to repay the loan.

  • The tab displays the combined monthly net balance of multiple applicants and the primary applicant.

  • If the tab was connected to a task, a Verification dropdown list displays for each applicant associated with the application. The Onboarding agent can complete the task after verifying the applicant's information.

The Onboarding agent can add a new income or expense on behalf of the customer or edit the details of existing income or expenses.

Screenshot of the Declared income and expense.

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