What is Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services?

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services provides capabilities to manage financial services data at scale and makes it easier for financial services organizations to deliver differentiated experiences, empower employees, and combat financial crime. It also facilitates security, compliance, and interoperability. This set of cloud-based solutions enhances collaboration, automation, and insights to streamline processes; personalizes every customer interaction; improves customer experience; and delivers rich data insights. The data model enables Microsoft’s partners and customers to extend the value of the platform with additional solutions to address the industry’s most urgent challenges. These capabilities will help organizations align to business and operational needs, and then deploy quickly to accelerate time to value.

This industry-specific cloud includes existing and new capabilities that unlock the power of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform to innovate for responsible and sustainable growth. A robust partner ecosystem extends the value of the platform.

Deliver differentiated customer experiences and empower employees

Tailor a unified customer profile based on customer insights to offer a more personalized and relevant experience. Streamline customer onboarding to provide easy access to loan apps and self-service tools.

Solution Description Powered by
Unified customer profile Tailors customer experiences via a 360-degree view of the customer, bringing together financial, behavioral, and demographic data. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Power Apps
Unified client profile Provides wealth managers with a comprehensive view of their clients. Power Apps
Intelligent appointments Provides customers and financial institutions with a convenient meeting scheduling experience on the customers' preferred channel or in person. Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft 365
Customer onboarding Loan onboarding streamlines the lending process through the various capabilities that the application offers. Onboarding essentials allows you to orchestrate any financial onboarding process through a transparent and flexible experience. Microsoft Power Platform
FSI components: Banking data model Along with pre-built connectors, enables data interoperability to unify and enrich data from multiple systems. The unified data provides insights for actions and accelerates business, AI, and team productivity workflows. -
FSI components: Property and casualty insurance data model A comprehensive data model that caters to a wide selection of use cases. Allows capture of information relevant to property and casualty insurance businesses such as policies, coverages, claims and other entities linked to customers and agencies. -
FSI components: Small business extension data model An add-on on top of the Banking data model that allows you to capture information about individuals, including linking between accounts that represent small businesses and financial holdings. -


Effective May 22, 2024, Intelligent appointments is deprecated, and is not available for deployment. Existing users can continue to use the feature as usual if they've already deployed and configured it.

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Combat financial crime

Help protect your bank and your customers' accounts with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

Capability Description Powered by
Account and purchase protection Designed to protect the bank and its customers while lowering costs. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Digital account protection helps you protect your reputation by defending consumers’ online accounts against bot attacks, fake account creation, account takeover, and fraudulent account access. Purchase protection helps prevent online purchase fraud.

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Compliance, privacy, and security

Speed up global and regional deployments with direct access to our compliance and industry experts in engineering. Benefit from our compliance framework that aligns both the Microsoft and partner ecosystem to a common set of criteria to simplify initial vendor due diligence and assess enterprise application readiness. Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services includes trial licenses for the following programs:

Program Description
Compliance Program for Microsoft Cloud A premium, "white glove" service provided by a dedicated team of engineering subject-matter experts that support your internal and external risk, audit, and compliance teams in addressing financial services regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and privacy.
Regulatory compliance assessments with Compliance Manager Manage compliance requirements with greater ease and convenience, from taking inventory of data protection risks to managing the complexities of implementing controls. Stay current with regulations and certifications and simplify reporting to auditors. 

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