View and create reports

The Reports area contains the same dashboards and activities as most of the other areas. For more information, go to Fundraising and Engagement workplace.

You can access the following records from Reports:

Record Description
Goals Track progress on achieving target revenue.
Goal Metrics Define how to measure goals. For example, you could measure a fundraising team's performance by the number of prospect meetings they get, or by the donation revenue they secure. There are two types of goal metrics: Amount and Count.
Rollup Queries Gather data about a specific goal and all its related goals, in one view.

For more information about goals, go to System Settings Goals tab.


The reports that come with Fundraising and Engagement are based on Dynamics 365 Sales records. Although some areas of Fundraising and Engagement use Dynamic 365 Sales entities, these reports won't reflect targets or progress for all the areas of Fundraising and Engagement. However, you can use Power BI to create new reports, and starter templates for Gifts are available for download on GitHub.

Create Power BI reports for Fundraising and Engagement

You can use Microsoft Power BI reports in Fundraising and Engagement. To start, download Power BI starter templates for Fundraising and Engagement from GitHub, which include:

  • Gift Performance Report
  • Goals Report
  • Pipeline Report
  • Recurring Transaction Health Report

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