Invite a guest user to operate a guide in Dynamics 365 Guides


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Anyone who isn't part of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides organization, but has a Microsoft Entra account, can be added as a guest user by a global admin. The user can then access Dynamics 365 Guides content in that organization as an operator. A "guest" is defined as someone who doesn't have a school or work account with the organization. For example, a guest could be a partner, vendor, supplier, or consultant.


  • The guest calling experience has limitations by design. For a full list of what a guest can and can't do in Teams, see Guest calling experience in Teams.

  • The Dynamics 365 Guides PC app doesn't support guest access.

  • Guest users can't record calls in the HoloLens app.

  • Anyone with a consumer email account (for example, an or account) can be a guest user in Microsoft Entra, but users with these types of email accounts aren't supported as guest users in Dynamics 365 Guides.

Invite a guest

  1. Invite the user as a guest to Microsoft Teams, or create a guest account for them in Microsoft Entra admin center.

    The guest user receives a welcome email message that includes some information about the organization and what to expect as a member. The guest must accept the invitation by selecting Accept Invitation in the email message before they can access the organization and the organization's guides.

  2. Assign a Dynamics 365 Guides license and assign user roles to the added guest accounts. Guest users are covered by the same compliance and auditing protection as other Microsoft 365 users. Guest access is subject to Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft 365 service limits.

  3. Ask your network admin to include another endpoint to the IP addresses and/or endpoints that are required to connect to the Dynamics 365 servers.


After a guest is added to an organization, it may take a few hours before they have access.

When a user joins an organization as a guest, a (Guest) label appears next to their name so everyone in the organization can easily identify guests.

Restrict guests from searching when making calls in Dynamics 365 Guides

Some organizations might want to restrict guest access to prevent guests from starting a chat or a call by searching for a user in the directory.

  1. Restrict guest access permissions in Microsoft Entra ID.

  2. On the External collaboration settings page, make your selection in the Guest user access section:

    • To restrict guest users from searching for a user in your organization, select the Guest users have limited access to properties and memberships of directory objects option.

    • To allow guest users to search for a user in your organization, select the Guest users have the same access as members (most inclusive) option.

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