Dynamics 365 Guides setup, step 4: Set up Power BI reports


Before you complete this step of the setup process, be sure to see step 3, Download and install the apps.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides includes Power BI reports that you can use to analyze Dynamics 365 Guides processes. For information about how to open Guides Analytics by using the free Power BI Desktop application, see Overview of Guides Analytics.

If you have a Power BI Pro license, you can share your Guides Analytics Power BI reports within your organization by publishing them to the Power BI Service. In this case, anyone in your organization who has a Power BI Pro license can access the report through the Power BI Service web interface that's accessible at https://powerbi.microsoft.com. To learn about Power BI cloud collaboration and sharing, and to sign up for a free trial of Power BI Pro, see Getting Started with Power BI Desktop and Ways to share your work in Power BI.

What's next?

If you have any trouble setting up Power BI reports, you can get help in the following ways: