Customize the track regarding contact card

An app maker can modify the columns on a contact card that is used to track an email or appointment using Set Regarding.

To modify these columns, an app maker needs to edit the App for Outlook Contact Card form.

In the example below, the App for Outlook Contact Card form has three columns titled Job Title, Business Phone, and Mobile Phone. These are also the same columns a user sees on the contact card.

Contact card example.

To replace the Mobile Phone column with Company Name instead, you need to update the App for Outlook Contact Card form.

Contact card before customization.

To modify columns that appear on the contact card, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Power Apps.

  2. On the left nav, select Data to expand it and then select Tables.

    Go to Tables in maker portal.

  3. Select a table such as Contact and then select the Forms tab.

    Select the forms tab.

  4. Select the App for Outlook Contact Card form.

    Select the App for Outlook Contact Card form.

  5. In the form designer drag Company Name above Mobile Phone. It's important to note, that only the first three columns appear in the track regarding contact card. Although a related subgrid can be added to the quick view form, but it doesn't render within the Track Regarding contact card.

    Edit the form and drag company name above mobile phone.

  6. Select Save > Publish and then close the form editor.

  7. On the solutions page, select Publish All Customizations and then close the solutions page.

    Publish customizations.

After completing the above, right-click in the track regarding card, and then choose Refresh. It will take a few minutes for the synchronization to complete and the changes to appear. Once synchronization is complete, the company name now appears at the bottom instead of the mobile phone number.

Contact row after customization.