What's new February 2022 - Project Operations lite deployment

Applies To: Lite deployment - deal to proforma invoicing

This article applies to the following components and versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations:

  • Project Operations in a Dataverse environment version

Features included in this release

As of this release, you can add up to 300 team members to a single project. Previously, the limit on the number of team members was 150. For more information, see Project limits.

Quality updates

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Billing and pricing 2497369 Material correction must follow the date value in the Correction parameters.
Billing and pricing 2498697 Improved the security configuration for Time entry recall.
Billing and pricing 2517455 The Refreshed invoice line transactions action must not be allowed to be triggered multiple simultaneous times for the same invoice.
Billing and pricing 2517465 The Deactivate invoice line details action is blocked because it isn't supported.
Billing and pricing 2556660 Fixed the date effectivity checks that are done on the price list that is attached to a project parameters record.
Opportunity management 2369202 Corrected the business logic that verifies that price lists that have overlapping effectivity dates can be attached to the same project contract.
Opportunity management 2385965 Corrected the behavior on the Customers tab of the Project contract page when you select Save and close.