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This article provides information about project resourcing.

One challenge for project managers and resource managers during the project planning stage is resource allocation, where they must determine and reserve the correct resource to work on a project. In Dynamics 365 Finance, resourcing capabilities for projects let you define roles that are treated as temporary resources that can be reserved for a specific engagement or part of an engagement. This type of resourcing lets project managers and resource managers complete the following tasks:

  • Define a role that has the required competencies, so that it's easy to match resources.
  • Use roles to define an initial engagement schedule that is based on reserved resources.
  • Estimate costs and determine an initial budget, based on assigned roles and resources for a project.
  • Use roles to estimate the number of resource reservations that are required for each engagement.
  • Estimate the number of resources that are required for the whole life cycle of a project.
  • Draft a work breakdown structure (WBS) by using the initial resource assignments.

Project life cycle.

As project planning proceeds, planned resources can be replaced with staffed resources. The project manager can also go back and update the resourcing reservations during any project stage.

The following articles provide information about the tasks that need to be completed when you are working on resourcing projects.