Improved accuracy of the deduplication process


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Business value

Customer Insights can now match and unify all the profile data for a specific customer, even if it requires several matching rules to identify all the customer’s records. Fully unified customer data ensures you can confidently use profiles to personalize the customer experience and make smarter decisions.

Feature details

You may have customer data where a person has multiple records and has provided different emails and phone numbers over time, making it impossible to match all their records using a single rule. Because Customer Insights today can't combine customer records that were matched by different rules, the result can be the creation of separate profiles for that person, which fragments your view of the customer.

In a reimagined deduplication process, the system now runs every deduplication rule against every customer record in a table. The match results from all the rules are then analyzed and match groups that share a common record are combined into a single match group. This process can identify and combine potentially long and complex chains of matching relationships, which results in the creation of unified customer profiles with unparalleled accuracy.

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