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Business value

Business Central has teamed up with Shopify to help our customers create a better online shopping experience. Shopify provides merchants with an easy-to-use e-commerce solution, and Business Central offers comprehensive business management across finance, sales, service, and operations. The seamless connection between the two applications synchronizes order, stock, and customer information to ensure that merchants can fulfill orders faster and better serve their customers. The joint effort furthers Business Central's commitment to connecting data that can help businesses adapt faster, work smarter, and perform effectively.

Feature details

Based on feedback from customers, we've made a number of improvements in the user interface.

It's easier to get the Shopify URL

The Connector requires a URL in the following format: However, after Shopify introduced Unified Admin it hasn't been as easy to get the URL for the store. Therefore, we've reintroduced simplicity. Just copy the URL from Shopify Admin, such as, and the Connector converts it to the required format.


Skip blocked or sales blocked items and variants

When you want to export many items and variants, there might be some that are blocked. You can't include blocked items and variants in price calculations, so they aren't exported. The Connector now skips those items and variants automatically, so you don't need to filter them on the Add Item to Shopify request page.

Shopify Shop shows important fields when FastTabs are collapsed

The values of the following fields display, even when a FastTab is collapsed:

  • Shopify URL
  • Enabled
  • Sync Item
  • SKU Mapping
  • Customer Price Group
  • Customer Discount Group
  • Customer Import from Shopify
  • Default Customer
  • Shipping Charges Account
  • Process Type

Shopify Shop card

New stock calculation method

Because many businesses use extensibility to implement the same stock calculation, we decided to make it standard functionality. The Free Inventory method is simple and efficient. The method takes the current inventory and subtracts what's reserved from inventory. It ignores expected receipts or demand.

Shopify Shop Locations

Decide whether fulfilment synchronization should trigger a notification

Send Shipping Notifications lets you control whether Shopify sends a notification when posted shipments synchronize to Shopify. The notification might be useful, for example, if your company sells services.

Guide users on item synchronization

Often, the first task people use the Connector for is to synchronize products and items. To make that synchronization easier, a notification in Shopify Products suggests the following actions based on your settings:

  • Sych products, if your shop is configured to import products from Shopify.
  • Add Items, if you manage products in Business Central.

Shopify Products

Extra checks reduce the risk of errors

  • Check whether the selected currency code is assigned an exchange rate. If the rate is missing, it explains the use of the field.
  • Check whether Business Central is part of fulfillment services in Shopify, and instruct users to enter a SKU Mapping.

Currency code

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