Assistant for Dynamics 365 Sales

The assistant (formerly known as Relationship Assistant) is part of Dynamics 365 Sales. The assistant keeps an eye on your daily actions and communications, and helps you stay on top of your day with insight cards that are displayed prominently throughout the application to provide tailored and actionable insights.


If you’d like to try Dynamics 365 Sales for free, you can sign up for a 30-day trial.

How can I use the assistant feature?

Depending on your role, you can use the text message feature as described in the list:

System administrator or any similar role:

Sales manager, seller, or any other similar role:

Assistant studio tutorials

Assistant tutorials are available for you to learn how to create custom insight cards by using minimal or no code through Power Automate. Using the tutorials, you learn from creating a basic custom insight, a "hello world" equivalent, and gradually increase the complexity as you go along.

More information: Assistant studio tutorials for Dynamics 365 Sales Insights