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Today, supply chains aren't as resilient as they could be in the face of constant exposure to risks that are caused by rapidly changing internal and external conditions. These risks might include a business partner who is running late on a delivery or a natural disaster that has occurred in the area of a business's warehouse. Unfortunately, because current approaches to supply chain management are disconnected from the external environment, they lack visibility into companies' multi-tier supply chain networks and don't consider relevant real-world events. Therefore, it's difficult to anticipate, identify, and adapt to these types of risks and work with business partners to address them.

The Supply Chain Insights solution

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights enables your business to quickly respond to anticipated or sudden changes in your supply chain. This capability is achieved through risk insights that help you better understand how internal and external changes might affect your supply chain.

How Supply Chain Insights helps you identify risks

Supply Chain Insights helps you identify risks by presenting an overview of your supply chain and associated risks via a map and dashboards that are powered by an analysis of your data, your partners' data, and external data sources. To gather this information, Supply Chain Insights uses a robust data ingestion process that compiles data from a wide variety of sources. It makes partner discovery and collaboration easier by automatically combining user data with the data about external risk factors.