How to list remote networks for Global Secure Access (preview)

Reviewing your remote networks is an important part of managing your Global Secure Access (preview) deployment. As your organization grows, you may need to add new remote networks. You can use the Microsoft Entra admin center or the Microsoft Graph API.


List all remote networks using the Microsoft Entra admin center

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Entra admin center.
  2. Browse to Global Secure Access (preview) > Devices > Remote network.

All remote networks are listed. Select a remote network to view its details.

List all remote networks using the Microsoft Graph API

  1. Sign in to the Graph Explorer.
  2. Select GET as the HTTP method from the dropdown.
  3. Set the API version to beta.
  4. Enter the following query:
  5. Select the Run query button to list the remote networks.

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