Run a workflow on-demand

Scheduled workflows by default run every 3 hours, but can also run on-demand so that they can be applied to specific users whenever you see fit. A workflow can be run on demand for any user, and doesn't take into account whether or not a user meets the workflow's execution conditions. Running a workflow on-demand allows you to test workflows before their scheduled run. This testing, on a set of users up to 10 at a time, allows you to see how a workflow will run before it processes a larger set of users. Testing your workflow before their scheduled runs helps you proactively solve potential lifecycle issues more quickly.

Run a workflow on-demand in the Microsoft Entra admin center

Use the following steps to run a workflow on-demand:


To be run on demand, the workflow must be enabled.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Entra admin center as at least a Lifecycle Workflows Administrator.

  2. Browse to Identity governance > Lifecycle workflows > workflows.

  3. On the workflow screen, select the specific workflow you want to run.

    Screenshot of a list of Lifecycle Workflows workflows to run on-demand.

  4. Select Run on demand.

  5. On the select users tab, select add users.

  6. On the add users screen, select the users you want to run the on-demand workflow for.

    Screenshot of add users for on-demand workflow.

  7. Select Add

  8. Confirm your choices and select Run workflow.

    Screenshot of a workflow being run on-demand.

Run a workflow on-demand using Microsoft Graph

To run a workflow on-demand using API via Microsoft Graph, see: workflow: activate (run a workflow on-demand).

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