Microsoft Entra ID documentation

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is being renamed to Microsoft Entra ID. Use Microsoft Entra ID to manage user identities and control access to your apps, data, and resources.

Manage user identities


Learn basic Microsoft Entra concepts and processes.

Enterprise users

Create Microsoft Entra tenants, manage user accounts, roles, and groups, and assign app access.


Manage admin permissions and apply the principle of least privilege using Microsoft Entra role-based access control.

Customers (preview)

Secure and customize sign-ins for your apps with our new customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution.

Consumers (B2C)

Business to consumers identity and access management for your app.

Hybrid identity

Create a user identity that can access both on-premises and cloud resources.

Control access

Conditional Access

Control access to resources by enforcing policies based on user, location, device, and more.


Configure sign-in methods and security features like self-service password reset, MFA, and more.

Device identity

Register and join devices to Microsoft Entra ID for device management and Conditional Access.

Apps, data, and resources

Microsoft identity platform

Build your app on the Microsoft identity platform and use Microsoft Entra ID as your authentication service.

Managed identities

Create an application identity that can connect to resources using Microsoft Entra authentication.

Domain services

Move legacy apps to managed domains in the cloud while preserving user accounts, groups, and access.

Monitor and audit

Identity governance

Protect, monitor, and audit access to critical assets throughout the identity and access lifecycles.

Reports and monitoring

Use logs and reports to determine usage of your apps and services, detect risks, and troubleshoot issues.