Provisioning with the web services connector

The following documentation provides information about the generic web services connector. Microsoft Entra ID Governance supports provisioning accounts into various applications such as SAP ECC, Oracle eBusiness Suite, and line of business applications that expose REST or SOAP APIs. Customers that have previously deployed MIM to connect to these applications can easily switch to using the lightweight Microsoft Entra provisioning agent, while reusing the same web services connector built for MIM.

Capabilities supported

  • Create users in your application.
  • Remove users in your application when they don't need access anymore.
  • Keep user attributes synchronized between Microsoft Entra ID and your application.
  • Discover the schema for your application.

The web services connector implements the following functionalities:

  • SOAP Discovery: Allows the administrator to enter the WSDL path exposed by the target web service. Discovery will produce a tree structure of its hosted web services with their inner endpoint(s)/operations along with the operation’s Meta data description. There's no limit to the number of discovery operations that can be done (step by step). The discovered operations are used later to configure the flow of operations that implement the connector’s operations against the data-source (as Import/Export).

  • REST Discovery: Allows the administrator to enter Restful service details i.e. Service Endpoint, Resource Path, Method and Parameter details. A user can add an unlimited number of Restful services. The rest services information will be stored in the discovery.xml file of the wsconfig project. They'll be used later by the user to configure the Rest Web Service activity in the workflow.

  • Connector Space Schema configuration: Allows the administrator to configure the connector space schema. The schema configuration will include a listing of Object Types and attributes for a specific implementation. The administrator can specify the object types that will be supported by the Web Service MA. The administrator may also choose here the attributes that will be part of the Connector space Schema.

  • Operation Flow configuration: Workflow designer UI for configuring the implementation of FIM operations (Import/Export) per object type through exposed web service operations functions such as:

    • Assignment of parameters from connector space to web service functions.
    • Assignment of parameters from web service functions to the connector space.

Integrations with popular applications such as SAP ECC 7.0 and Oracle eBusiness Suite can be found here. You can also configure a template to connect to your own rest or SOAP API.

For more information, see the Overview of the generic Web Service connector in the MIM documentation library.

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