Scaling responsible MLOps with Azure Machine Learning

with Abe Osarumwense Omorogbe, Beatriz Stollnitz, Daniel Moth, Minsoo Thigpen

When MLOps and responsible AI (RAI) are fully operationalized, organizations can build trusted ML solutions, increase the rate of experimentation, and accelerate time to market. With new capabilities integrated into Azure Machine Learning (AzureML), you’ll be able to apply RAI throughout the ML lifecycle using the new RAI dashboard and scorecard to improve fairness, explainability, and model performance. You’ll also learn how to simplify ML workflows with AzureML’s latest productivity capabilities.

Breakout: BRK21 | English (US)

This session was delivered as part of the Microsoft Build 2022 event. Discover and watch more on-demand videos from Microsoft Build 2022