Create a lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric

In this tutorial, you learn different ways to create a Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric.

Create a lakehouse

The lakehouse creation process is quick and simple; there are several ways to get started.

Ways to create a lakehouse

There are a few ways you can get started with the creation process:

  1. Data Engineering homepage

    • You can easily create a lakehouse through the Lakehouse card under the New section in the homepage.

    Screenshot showing the lakehouse card.

  2. Workspace view

    • You can also create a lakehouse through the workspace view when you are on the Data Engineering experience by using the New dropdown.

    Screenshot showing the Lakehouse option in the New menu.

  3. Create Hub

    • An entry point to create a lakehouse is available in the Create Hub page under Data Engineering.

    Screenshot showing the Lakehouse option in the Data Engineering Create Hub.

Creating a lakehouse from the Data Engineering homepage

  1. Browse to the Data Engineering homepage.

  2. Under the New section, locate the Lakehouse card and select it to get started with the creation process

  3. Enter a name for the lakehouse and a sensitivity label if your organization requires one, and select Create.

  4. Once the lakehouse is created, you land on the Lakehouse Editor page where you can get started and load data.


The lakehouse will be created under the current workspace you are in.

Now that you have successfully created your Lakehouse, learn more about: