What is the Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app?


The Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app has been updated to include support for both EM/A and P SKUs.

Fabric resides on a capacity which is a pool of resources allocated to your platform. Each capacity has its own number of Capacity Units (CU). CUs are used to measure the compute power available for your capacity.

The Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app is designed to provide monitoring capabilities for Microsoft Fabric capacities. Use the app to monitor your capacity consumption and make informed decisions on how to use your capacity resources. For example, the app can help identify when to scale up your capacity or when to turn on autoscale.

The app is updated often with new features and functionalities and provides the most in-depth information into how your capacities are performing.

Install the app

You must be a capacity admin to install and view the Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app.

To install the app, follow the instructions in Install the Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app.

Considerations and limitations

When using the Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app, consider the following limitations.

  • In the Capacity utilization and throttling visual logarithmic's view, the primary axis seen on the left of the visual, isn't aligned with the secondary axis seen on the right of the visual.

  • In the interactive and background operation tables, the Throttling(s) column displays zero when throttling is disabled, even when the capacity is overloaded.

  • There's a difference of 0.01-0.05 percent between the CU % value in the Top row visuals Heartbeat line chart, and the interactive and background operations tables Total CU values.

  • Updates from version 1 to version 1.1 are installed in a new workspace.

  • Sampling might occur while exporting data from the Export Data page. See second and third bullet in Considerations and limitations.

  • Editing the semantic model of the Microsoft Fabric Capacity Metrics app using external model authoring tools, isn't supported.