Services, Drivers, and other Components

FSLogix is composed of various components that enable the variety of solutions. At the core of FSLogix are the two (2) Windows Services, and the three (3) minifilter drivers. Additionally, FSLogix has command-line utilities, a system tray application, a User Mode DLL, and legacy browser plugins. All of these components are part of the core product installation.


Windows Services are the primary methods from which FSLogix operates. These services are responsible for the commands, operations, and interactions with the various dependencies (for example, frx.exe and winlogon.exe).

FSLogix Apps Services (frxsvc.exe)

Startup type: Automatic

Log on as: SYSTEM

  • Attaching / detaching Profile or Office containers
  • File system redirects between the user's profile and the appropriate container
  • Processing rule files
  • Processing redirections.xml
  • Reads registry configuration data
  • Interacts with Windows Credential Manager
  • Interacts with SMB Storage locations

FSLogix Cloud Caching Service (frxccds.exe)

Startup type: Automatic

Log on as: SYSTEM

  • Dependent on FSLogix Apps Services
  • Interacts with SMB and Azure Storage locations
  • Responsible for Cache and Proxy file locations

Minifilter Drivers

Minifilter drivers are file system drivers used to interact with the file system. Windows systems run any number of minifilter drivers depending on software or applications installed. These minifilter drivers are installed and allocated at specific altitudes to ensure they work within the Windows file system and I/O Manager.

Driver Type Description
frxdrv.sys Virtualization Filter Driver Provides virtualization of the file system and registry components
frxdrvvt.sys Redirection Filter Driver Provides advanced file system redirection
frxccd.sys Virtual Hard Drive Filter Drivers Provides advanced interaction with VHD(s) used in Cloud Cache

Other Components

FSLogix Profile Status (frxtray.exe)

This component is accessible from the %ProgramFiles%\FSLogix\Apps directory and provides status on whether FSLogix is active or inactive for the specific signed in user. This tool also enables access to the Event Viewer logs and log files using the Advanced View.


Don't enable this utility for all users. It should only be used as a tool for troubleshooting issues for specific users. If enabled (in the system tray) for all signed in users, it will have a negative impact on the overall system performance.


frx command-line utility

Lets you manage rule sets and many other features of FSLogix. For details on this utility and the parameters it supports, review the frx command-line utility article.

frxcontext command-line utility

Allows you to manage FSLogix containers and aid in managing containers by adding a context menu item to VHD(x) files. For details on this utility and the arguments it supports, review the frxcontext command-line utility article.

User mode DLL(s)

Microsoft support use only.


User mode DLL(s) should only be used when directed to by a Microsoft support engineer.