FSLogix product support

This page covers FSLogix support eligibility, support boundaries, and the three (3) methods for engaging with Microsoft Support.

Support eligibility

FSLogix is part of the Microsoft modern lifecycle policy. FSLogix is continuously updated and requires customers to remain up to date on the latest release to be under support. Customers who have issues with previous versions of FSLogix are required to upgrade. FSLogix doesn't provide updates or changes to previous versions (back porting). Issues discovered through support cases or other means will be addressed in future feature or hotfix releases.

Support for FSLogix and its products is limited to customers who meet the product eligibility requirements. Additionally, FSLogix is only supported on the following versions of Windows and is also subject to the products extended end date of supportability.

Client operating systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11


Includes Multi-session SKU(s) found in the Azure Marketplace

Server operating systems

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Support boundaries

  • If the source of an issue can't be identified in the logs captured by the FSLogix Support Tool, from a memory dump, or the trace ETL files, then Microsoft support requires instructions to reproduce the issue from a clean installation of Windows.

  • In cases where a virtual machine crashes, deadlocks (with or without a BSOD), or the FSLogix App service crashes, Microsoft support troubleshoots from a memory dump even if the issue can't be reproduced.

  • Due to the quantity of environmental variables and the various configurations, Microsoft support asks that the issue is reproduced from a clean installation of Windows. This includes all programs and settings configured in Windows, FSLogix, and third-party applications.

  • FSLogix tracks emerging issues with third-party products that are suspected to cause compatibility issues and until the issues can be reproduced, these issues won't be resolved from product updates.

  • FSLogix technical support assists with break fix issues and will provide deployment and configuration advice as 'best effort'.


    Microsoft Consulting Services or Microsoft Partner assistance should be considered under these conditions:

    • Project management
    • Large-scale deployments
    • Profile migrations
    • Complex configurations

Open a support request

These next sections outline the three (3) primary methods in creating a support request.

Azure portal

Customers who use FSLogix in the context of Azure (for example, Azure Virtual Desktop, Infrastructure as a Service, etc.) can create a support request via the portal under the Help + Support section.

When prompted, ensure you've selected the correct items from the drop-down lists:

  • Issue Type: Technical
  • Service: Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Problem Type: FSLogix

Services Hub

Customers who use FSLogix in an on-premises scenario can open their support request using Services Hub. Depending on your support agreement with Microsoft (for example, Premier or Unified Support), there are two (2) options:

Phone support