Touch Adaptation Kit (TAK) Reference

Bundle & Tools

Topic Description
Touch Adaptation Bundle (TAB) A self-contained set of layouts, assets and configuration to enable playing the game with touch.
Touch Adaptation Kit Command Line Tool (tak.exe) Create and validate touch control layouts. Enable streaming devices to acquire layouts from your PC.

Layout Configuration

The base layout components of a touch layout.

Topic Description
Layout The representation of a full touch layout for a game.
Control cluster An array of up to four controls that can be used to occupy two slots in the outer portion of the wheel.
Inner wheel An array of up to four controls that split the inner portion of a wheel.
Layer An expiremental child touch layout that can be overlayed on top of the base touch layout.
Layer action An expiremental action that a button can use to display a layer.
Layout orientation (deprecated) The orientation that the touch layout will be displayed.
Wheel A set of touch controls arranged in an inner and outer circular area.

Touch Controls

The set of visual controls that are available for your touch layouts.

Control Description Examples
Arcade Buttons A collection of 6 or 8 buttons laid out in an arc, in the style of arcade cabinets. Arcade Buttons
Blank An expiremental control used in a layer to hide the control that was being displayed in the slot.
Button A basic control that can respond to player touch input. simple buttons customized button
Directional Pad A directional pad control that always maps the gamepad directional pad. Directional Pad
Joystick An analog control that behaves like a joystick. joystick one dimensional joystick for driving
Throttle A specialized version of a Y-axis only joystick that maps to triggers. Designed for driving games. throttle for driving
Touchpad Analog control that enables the player to interact similar to a laptop touchpad. touchpad

Control Styling & Components

Component Description
Action Physical controller action(s) that can be referenced.
Asset Reference to a custom image that has been included in the touch adaptation package.
Axis Definition of the mapping of touch controls to the physical analog control equivalent.
Color Reference to a color.
Deadzone Definition for the amount of player interaction that should not be registered as input.
Hexcolor String containing hexadecimal representation of RGBA color value to be referenced.
Icon Reference to an icon.
Joystick outline and indicator The styling attributes for the outer ring of a joystick controls.
Knob The styling attributes for a button like component that can be interacted with by the player.
Response curve Definition of the curve range for mapping input mapped to output.
Stroke The styling attributes for the outline of the object being referenced.
Throttle axis The styling attributes for an axes of a throttle control.

Sensor Controls

Sensor controls allow mapping of physical sensors on the player's device to be mapped to a physical controller input.

Control Description
Accelerometer An experimental sensor control that maps the devices accelerometer of the client device (if available) to a specfied set of axes.
Gyroscope A sensor control that maps the devices physical movement to a specified set of axes.