Create your first server

This topic describes how you can use our samples to create your first game server using PlayFab Multiplayer Servers. We recommend using the wrapper sample to help you create your first server.

In order to use and view the servers, you need to enable the Servers feature from Game Manager. For instructions, see Enable the PlayFab Server feature.

What you will learn

  1. Deploy game servers using PlayFab Multiplayer Servers
  2. Create builds that can be used to deploy game servers/VMs using Game Manager or PowerShell via APIs
  3. Scale game by defining standby, maximum servers


Certain servers have limited free usage and capacity limits. You can use them during evaluation and development. If you are enrolled in paid pricing plans, you may request additional server cores. To learn more, see Managing Server cores quota. It is also possible to use to test the set up and integration locally using LocalMultiplayerAgent.

Wrapper sample

The Wrapper sample, also known as wrappingGsdk, wraps an existing game so it can be used in the deployment of builds for game servers that use Windows OS or Linux OS.

Instead of integrating your game server build with GSDK, it uses a wrapper as a workaround by processing the standard output and error streams to call GSDK methods. Basically, the wrapper application converts your typical game server build into one that can be used with PlayFab Multiplayer Servers.


A wrapper is a workaround by processing the standard output and error streams to call GSDK methods and it's not meant for production use. There is additional info about GSDK integration in the sample, see Program.cs. For more information, see Author a game server build.

To deploy servers using a wrapper, see:

  1. Use Wrapper on Fakegame
  2. Use Wrapper with your existing game server

Next steps