Enable PlayFab Multiplayer Server feature

PlayFab Multiplayer Server is not automatically enabled when you sign up for a PlayFab account. In order to use and view the servers, you need to enable the feature from Game Manager or use API/PowerShell.

You have to enable the feature using Game Manager if you do not yet have a payment method on the account.

Certain servers have limited free usage and capacity limits. They can be used during evaluation and development. If you are enrolled in paid pricing plans, you may request for additional server cores. To learn more, see Managing Server cores quota.

Enable using Game Manager

  1. Log into your developer account on PlayFab.com
  2. Go to My Studios and Titles page and select your game title to display the dashboard. If you have not created one, you have to create a new title.
  3. Go to Multiplayer > Servers page
  4. Select Enable

In order to complete the process, you need to have a payment form associated with the account. Follow the instructions on screen to add this information.

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