activityBasedTimeoutPolicy resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents a policy that can control the idle timeout for web sessions for applications that support activity-based timeout functionality. Applications enforce automatic sign out after a period of inactivity. This type of policy can only be applied at the organization level (by setting the isOrganizationDefault property to true).

Inherits from stsPolicy.


Method Return Type Description
List activityBasedTimeoutPolicies activityBasedTimeoutPolicy Read properties and relationships of activityBasedTimeoutPolicy objects.
Create activityBasedTimeoutPolicy activityBasedTimeoutPolicy Create an activityBasedTimeoutPolicy object.
Get activityBasedTimeoutPolicy activityBasedTimeoutPolicy Read properties and relationships of an activityBasedTimeoutPolicy object.
Update activityBasedTimeoutPolicy None Update an activityBasedTimeoutPolicy object.
Delete activityBasedTimeoutPolicy None Delete an activityBasedTimeoutPolicy object.


Property Type Description
definition String collection A string collection containing a JSON string that defines the rules and settings for this policy. See below for more details about the JSON schema for this property. Required.
description String Description for this policy.
displayName String Display name for this policy. Required.
id String Unique identifier for this policy. Read-only.
isOrganizationDefault Boolean If set to true, activates this policy. There can be many policies for the same policy type, but only one can be activated as the organization default. Optional, default value is false.

Properties of an activity-based timeout policy definition

The properties below form the JSON object that represents an activity-based timeout policy. This JSON object must be converted to a string with quotations escaped to be inserted into the definition property. An example is shown below in JSON format:


Note: All time durations in these properties are specified in the format "dd.hh:mm:ss".

Note: Max values for properties denoted in "days" are 1 second short of the denoted number of days. For example, the max value of 1 days is specified as "23:59:59".

Property Type Description
ApplicationPolicies JSON object Collection of application policy. An application policy, is a combination of an ApplicationId and a WebSessionIdleTimeout:
  • ApplicationId: Allowed values:
    • default: applies the policy to all applications that support activity-based timeout functionality but don't have application-specific override
    • c44b4083-3bb0-49c1-b47d-974e53cbdf3c: applies the policy to the Azure portal
  • WebSessionIdleTimeout: The period of user inactivity after which the user's web session is considered expired. The minimum value is 5 minutes; the maximum value is one day.
Version Integer Policy version. Set value of 1. Required.



JSON representation

Here's a JSON representation of the resource.

  "definition": ["String"],
  "description": "String",
  "displayName": "String",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "isOrganizationDefault": true