chatMessageHostedContent resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents Teams content hosted in a chat message, such as images or code snippets. File attachments aren't hosted content; they're stored in SharePoint or OneDrive.


Method Return Type Description
List chatMessageHostedContent chatMessageHostedContent collection Retrieve the list of chatMessageHostedContent for a message.
Get chatMessageHostedContent chatMessageHostedContent Read the properties and relationships of a chatMessageHostedContent object.


chatMessageHostedContent derives from teamworkHostedContent

Property Type Description
contentBytes Edm.Binary Write-only. When posting new chat message hosted content, represents the bytes of the payload and are represented as a base64 encoded string.
contentType String Write-only. When posting new chat message hosted content, represents the type of content, such as image/png.
id String Read-only. Represents the chat message hosted content identifier.

Instance attributes

Instance attributes are properties with special behaviors. These properties are temporary and either define behavior the service should perform or provide short-term property values, like a download URL for an item that expires.

Property name Type Description
@microsoft.graph.temporaryId string Write-only. Represents the temporaryId for the hosted content while posting a message to refer to the hosted content in chatMessage resource being sent.



JSON representation

Here's a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@microsoft.graph.temporaryId": "String (identifier)",
  "contentBytes": "String (binary)",
  "contentType": "String",
  "id": "String (identifier)"