cloudPcProvisioningPolicy resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.

Represents a Cloud PC provisioning policy.


Method Return type Description
List provisioningPolicies cloudPcProvisioningPolicy collection List properties and relationships of the cloudPcProvisioningPolicy objects.
Get cloudPcProvisioningPolicy cloudPcProvisioningPolicy Read the properties and relationships of a cloudPcProvisioningPolicy object.
Create cloudPcProvisioningPolicy cloudPcProvisioningPolicy Create a new cloudPcProvisioningPolicy object.
Update cloudPcProvisioningPolicy cloudPcProvisioningPolicy Update the properties of a cloudPcProvisioningPolicy object.
Delete cloudPcProvisioningPolicy None Delete a cloudPcProvisioningPolicy object.
Assign cloudPcProvisioningPolicy None Assign a cloudPcProvisioningPolicy to user groups.
Apply cloudPcProvisioningPolicy None Apply the current provisioning policy configuration to all Cloud PC devices under a specified policy. Currently, you can only change the region.
applyConfig None Update the provisioning policy configuration for a set of Cloud PC devices by their IDs.


Property Type Description
alternateResourceUrl String The URL of the alternate resource that links to this provisioning policy. Read-only.
cloudPcGroupDisplayName String The display name of the Cloud PC group that the Cloud PCs reside in. Read-only.
cloudPcNamingTemplate String The template used to name Cloud PCs provisioned using this policy. The template can contain custom text and replacement tokens, including %USERNAME:x% and %RAND:x%, which represent the user's name and a randomly generated number, respectively. For example, CPC-%USERNAME:4%-%RAND:5% means that the name of the Cloud PC starts with CPC-, followed by a four-character username, a - character, and then five random characters. The total length of the text generated by the template can't exceed 15 characters. Supports $filter, $select, and $orderby.
description String The provisioning policy description. Supports $filter, $select, and $orderBy.
displayName String The display name for the provisioning policy.
domainJoinConfigurations cloudPcDomainJoinConfiguration collection Specifies a list ordered by priority on how Cloud PCs join Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD). Supports $select.
enableSingleSignOn Boolean True if the provisioned Cloud PC can be accessed by single sign-on. False indicates that the provisioned Cloud PC doesn't support this feature. The default value is false. Windows 365 users can use single sign-on to authenticate to Microsoft Entra ID with passwordless options (for example, FIDO keys) to access their Cloud PC. Optional.
gracePeriodInHours Int32 The number of hours to wait before reprovisioning/deprovisioning happens. Read-only.
id String The unique identifier associated with the provisioning policy. This ID is auto populated during the creation of a new provisioning policy. Read-only. Supports $filter, $select, and $orderBy.
imageDisplayName String The display name of the operating system image that is used for provisioning. For example, Windows 11 Preview + Microsoft 365 Apps 23H2 23H2. Supports $filter, $select, and $orderBy.
imageId String The unique identifier that represents an operating system image that is used for provisioning new Cloud PCs. The format for a gallery type image is: {publisherName_offerName_skuName}. Supported values for each of the parameters are:
  • publisher: Microsoftwindowsdesktop
  • offer: windows-ent-cpc
  • sku: 21h1-ent-cpc-m365, 21h1-ent-cpc-os, 20h2-ent-cpc-m365, 20h2-ent-cpc-os, 20h1-ent-cpc-m365, 20h1-ent-cpc-os, 19h2-ent-cpc-m365, and 19h2-ent-cpc-os
Supports $filter, $select, and $orderBy.
imageType cloudPcProvisioningPolicyImageType The type of operating system image (custom or gallery) that is used for provisioning on Cloud PCs. Possible values are: gallery, custom. The default value is gallery. Supports $filter, $select, and $orderBy.
localAdminEnabled Boolean When true, the local admin is enabled for Cloud PCs; false indicates that the local admin isn't enabled for Cloud PCs. The default value is false. Supports $filter, $select, and $orderBy.
managedBy cloudPcManagementService Indicates the service that manages the provisioning policy. Possible values are: windows365, devBox, unknownFutureValue, rpaBox. The default value is windows365. Note that you must use the Prefer: include-unknown-enum-members request header to get the following value in this evolvable enum: rpaBox. Supports $filter, $select, and $orderBy.
microsoftManagedDesktop microsoftManagedDesktop The specific settings to microsoftManagedDesktop that enables Microsoft Managed Desktop customers to get device managed experience for Cloud PC. To enable microsoftManagedDesktop to provide more value, an admin needs to specify certain settings in it. Supports $filter, $select, and $orderBy.
provisioningType cloudPcProvisioningType Specifies the type of license used when provisioning Cloud PCs using this policy. By default, the license type is dedicated if the provisioningType isn't specified when you create the cloudPcProvisioningPolicy. You can't change this property after the cloudPcProvisioningPolicy was created. Possible values are: dedicated, shared, unknownFutureValue.
windowsSetting cloudPcWindowsSettings Indicates a specific Windows setting to configure during the creation of Cloud PCs for this provisioning policy. Supports $select.
domainJoinConfiguration (deprecated) cloudPcDomainJoinConfiguration Specifies how Cloud PCs join Microsoft Entra ID. The domainJoinConfiguration property is deprecated and will stop returning data on May 31, 2024. Going forward, use the domainJoinConfigurations property.
onPremisesConnectionId (deprecated) String The ID of the cloudPcOnPremisesConnection. To ensure that Cloud PCs have network connectivity and that they domain join, choose a connection with a virtual network that’s validated by the Cloud PC service. The onPremisesConnectionId property is deprecated and will stop returning data on May 31, 2024. Going forward, use the domainJoinConfigurations property.
windowsSettings (deprecated) cloudPcWindowsSettings Specific Windows settings to configure during the creation of Cloud PCs for this provisioning policy. Supports $select. The windowsSettings property is deprecated and will stop returning data on January 31, 2024. Going forward, use the windowsSetting property.

cloudPcProvisioningType values

Member Description
dedicated Indicates that a dedicated license is used for provisioning Cloud PCs. Default value.
shared Indicates that a shared license is used for provisioning Cloud PCs.
unknownFutureValue Evolvable enumeration sentinel value. Don't use.


Relationship Type Description
assignments cloudPcProvisioningPolicyAssignment collection A defined collection of provisioning policy assignments. Represents the set of Microsoft 365 groups and security groups in Microsoft Entra ID that have provisioning policy assigned. Returned only on $expand. For an example about how to get the assignments relationship, see Get cloudPcProvisioningPolicy.

JSON representation

The following JSON representation shows the resource type.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.cloudPcProvisioningPolicy",
  "alternateResourceUrl": "String",
  "cloudPcGroupDisplayName": "String",
  "cloudPcNamingTemplate": "String",
  "description": "String",
  "displayName": "String",
  "domainJoinConfiguration": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.cloudPcDomainJoinConfiguration"
  "domainJoinConfigurations": [{"@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.cloudPcDomainJoinConfiguration"}],
  "enableSingleSignOn": "Boolean",
  "gracePeriodInHours": "Int32",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "imageDisplayName": "String",
  "imageId": "String",
  "imageType": "String",
  "localAdminEnabled": "Boolean",
  "managedBy": "String",
  "microsoftManagedDesktop": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.microsoftManagedDesktop"
  "onPremisesConnectionId": "String",
  "provisioningType": "String",
  "windowsSetting": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.cloudPcWindowsSetting"
  "windowsSettings": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.cloudPcWindowsSettings"